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 Champion Opinions

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PostSubject: Champion Opinions   Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:03 pm

I'm going to throw out some of my opinions on champions in Twisted Treeline based on my experience with it at this point.

Ban or Pick Champs
Rengar - Lots of bushes and no wards makes him hard to deal with.
Darius - Hard to kill and deals good damage with an execution ult.
Jayce - Great damage from such a tanky champ.
Singed - Very hard to kill and fling makes him able to pick ppl off.
Teemo - Shrooms for vision plus slow and poison to finish.
Jax - He jumps, he dodges, he smashes your face.

Strong Picks (Possible Bans in place of ^ those champs)
Wukong - Ability to smash face then vanish plus a knock up ult.
Garen - Spin to win and ult to kill.
Olaf - High health with a slow and some true damage.
Dr. Mundo - He isn't as strong as he was on TT but still hard to kill.
Kha'Zix - He vanishes and he deals pretty strong damage.
Cho'Gath - AP build gives him the damage he needs plus his CC.

More to Come

(Also note that 1 champ as an AP and 2 as AD seems to work best, either all very tanky or 1 that isn't. I've seen a strong early game ADC plus a tanky AP and tanky AD work very well. Also have seen a burst AP plus two tanky AD work well.)

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PostSubject: Re: Champion Opinions   Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:42 pm

All of these are standard champs that a lot of us ban that play 3's. Cho, Rengar, Singed, and Jayce are normally my priority bans. It really just depends on the comps you're running.

Mundo in my opinion (As I main him) is pretty strong still if used right. A high regen page is needed for him early game. But if you can get him and Singed on bot lane it's pretty much GG at that point. (If you push enough)
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Champion Opinions
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